Monthly Subscription Box


August Subscription Box

Our monthly box is the perfect way to fragrance your home on a monthly basis. Each month you will receive a little box of happiness straight to your door – no need to worry if you are not going to be in or not as our boxes will fit through your letter box.

Each box includes a mixture of new and classic scents which will compliment the new fragrances or theme for that month.

The wax melts will be full with beautiful dried botanicals – giving you a pretty wax pool!

In each box you will receive:

  • 4 Scents – 1 Classic & 3 New & Exclusive Scents
  • 2 85g Botanical Snap Bar’s or Clamshells
  • 2 Packs of Melts – Shapes Will Vary From Month To Month & Season To Season
  • Scent Card

How It Works…

The month in which you subscribe is the months box you will receive and we aim to post within 24 hours of receiving your subscription.

For example –

If you subscribe 10th January you will receive January box within a few days of us receiving your order. This will be the same date every month your payment will go out & your wax melt subscription box will be sent.

You will also be given a personal code – while ever your signed up to our subscription box you will be given your own personal code for 15% off addition purchases across the whole website & will be valid until your subscription is cancelled.

You can pick between 3 options

  • Monthly Plan – you will receive your wax melts on a rolling months basis until the subscription is cancelled.
  • 3 Months Plan – you will receive 3 boxes – for example if you take this plan out in April you would receive April, May & June’s boxes and then the subscription would automatically cancel.
  • 6 Months Plan – This is the same as the 3 months but you will receive 6 boxes instead of 3

The monthly plan can be cancelled at any point.

This is £11.90 Free postage!

Please Note – May’s Subscription Box Will Be Dispatched Tuesday 3rd May Due To Bank Hoilday

Subscription Plans
Subscribe to our monthly plan to get your fix of wax melts on a monthly basis.

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