Wax Melt Safety

Our wax melts are suitable for both Electric, Plugs & Tealight Burners. When using wax melts please be sure to take care as the electric warmer do get very hot as do tealights with them having a naked flame.

  • Do Not Eat
  • Keep Out Of Reach From Children
  • Do Not Ever Leave Your Tealight Out Of Sight Or Unattended
  • Use A 4 Hour Burn Time Tealight - Unscented
  • Do Not Try To Move While Lit - Please Wait Until The Burner Has Cooled & The Wax Has Solidified
  • Do Not Overfill Your Burner - Add Little By Little
  • Do Not Place Your Burner Near A Draft
  • Dispose Of The Wax Correctly - Do Not Pour Down The Drain This Will Cause Your Sink To Block

To Remove The Wax

  • Light Your Tealight A Few Seconds (make sure it is a few seconds & is not to hot)
  • Gently Apply Some Pressure To The Wax & It Will Pop Out
  • Wipe Any Residue
  • Replace With Fresh Wax & Enjoy
  • Do Not Clean Your Burner With Flammable Products